Art in Amsterdam

The capital city Amsterdam offers a lot of art galleries where you can find world famous paintings, drawings and statues of historical events from the modern and past live of Europe and beyond! Furthermore, you can visit one of the main art libraries in the world at the Rijksmuseum. The library is just one of the many gems from the artistry galleries in Amsterdam. A lot of famous Dutch painters their works are housed in the Dutch galleries. The Dutch crafters played a big and important role in the history of art.



The Rijksmuseum is one of the most popular museums around. In the museum you’ll find masterworks from established painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and more. The ‘’Night Watch’’ from Rembrandt is just one of the big highlights.


Van Gogh museum

The van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is the gallery with the biggest collection from the Dutch artist in the world. Beside the amazing paintings, the museum’s collection of the famous western artist also exist about his wonderful drawings and letters.


Rembrandt House

The Rembrandt house in Amsterdam is the place where master painter Rembrandt lived and worked for several years between 1639 and 1656. The house where Rembrandt lived offers a great collection of Rembrandt’s Etchings and paintings.


Stedelijk museum

The Municipal Museum in Amsterdam is on of the best places for modern and contemporary art. The museum offers a wonderful art collection from the 20th century with works form painters like Karel Appel and and Kadinsky.


Hermitage Amsterdam

Museum the Hermitage in Amsterdam is part of the collection from the famous Hetmitage in St. Petersburg Russia. The expositions offer unique group portrait paintings from the historical 17 centuries. The ‘’Golden age’’ from the Netherlands.


Moco museum (Banksky)

The Moco museum in Amsterdam offers a collection of modern and present artist. The exposition offers contemporary art and has pieces from the modern and out of the box thinking artists like Andy Warhol and gravity-artist Banksy, and Royal.

History activities and experiences

Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general, has a very famous history over time with some major events and experiences. In the capital city Amsterdam there are a lot of museums and places where you can experience the history yourself. We’ve highlighted the most popular and must see places during your stay in Amsterdam. Explore events and thrilling stories from the second world war, dive in the famous maritime history of the Netherlands and learn more about the city and the events during the Dutch Golden Age.


Anne Frank House

During the second world war, a young Jewish girl Anne Frank was hiding in Amsterdam for the Nazi Occupation in the Netherlands for two years. The house where the family was hiding can be visited and is known as the place where Anne Frank wrote her daily experiences in the famous book ‘’The Diary of a Young Girl’’.


Resistance museum

The Netherlands were occupied for five years during the second world war. The occupation had huge impact on the lives of all the people living in the country. In the Resistance museum you’ll learn a lot about the changes for the people and the resistance movement that played a big part in the countries history of the war.


Jewish historical museum

The Jewish Historical museum in Amsterdam is near the Anne Frank sight. The museum provides a great experience where you can learn about the past and present Dutch Jewish life that played a big part during, before and after the second world war. The expositions offer a lot of items with paintings, films and temporary exhibitions.


Maritime Museum

The Maritime museum is one of the largest maritime museums in the world with a collection of more than 400K objects like ships and historical maritime instruments. Furthermore, the museum offers an insight in the big maritime history of the Netherlands like the ‘’Golden Age’’.


Amsterdam City Museum

The Amsterdam City museum gives an insight of the lives and the evolution of the capital city in the Netherlands. Beside a great exposition with beautiful photographs, drawings and more items, the museum gives a cool view about the future and expected development of the city.



The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam tells a lot about the historical overseas colonization from the Dutch citizens. The ethnographic museum founded in 1864, offers a great collection over 100K items with photographs, temporary exhibitions, modern and traditional art.

Experience and interactive things to do in Amsterdam

Besides the beautiful and historical museums in Amsterdam, there are a lot of fun experience and interactive things to do in the city for every age. The activities know a wide variety from wild experiences like the scary Torture museum or the Amsterdam Dungeon were good actors around to scare you. Furthermore, you can see how the famous beer brand Heineken, brews the alcoholic drink and were it al started. We made a collection of the most popular experience and interactive things to do in Amsterdam.


Nemo science centre

The Nemo science centre in Amsterdam is a great experience center for physics, chemistry and more. The science center is a big and informative playground for kids where they can play with and learn about science.


Madame Tussauds

In Madame Tussauds Amsterdam you can enjoy a unique experience. Madame Tussauds is the famous Wax Museum were all pop stars, television celebrities and more popular people are made out of wax.


Body Worlds Amsterdam

Body Worlds in Amsterdam is one fascinating experience where you can see over 20 palatinate bodies. In the museum you will see all sort of anatomies displayed that give you a great insight in the human body.


The Amsterdam Dungeon

The Amsterdam dungeon is a great and scary activity. It really is a lot of fun and a sort of living ghost house in the middle of the center. Great for a fun attraction if you like scary situations. There are even real actors to mak is extra scary.


Torture museum

Just a few centuries ago the capital city and European people could be punished in exceptional ways for exceptional crimes. The inquisition of the Spanish people had brought a wide variety of instruments and tools for the punishments.


Diamond Jewels museum

The modern Diamond Jewels Museum is located in the heart of the city nearby the big museums Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The museum was created by a big Dutch diamond firm and has great collection of historical and present pieces.


Heineken Experience

One of the most popular and famous things to do do in Amsterdam is the Heineken experience. Explorer the history and check out the famous beer brands old brewery! The experience serves a high-tech tour in multiple languages.


Erotic museum

The sex industry and the Red Light District in Amsterdam is very famous wide abroad. In the Sex museum you learn a lot about the culture, history and attributes. It is a really open setting and offer a lot of exciting fun moments.


Weed and Hash museum

The coffee shops in Amsterdam offer one of the best weed in the world and the consumption is legal too. The industry covers a lot of culture, history and is still growing. In the Weed, Hash and Hemp in Amsterdam offers insights in all of the aspects.

Where to buy tickets

In the capital city Amsterdam there are over 80 museums to experience and visit! Amsterdam knows a lot of modern and historical art galleries, experience centers and activities to do. The museums the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are very popular to visit and the Heineken experience is a must visit for beer lovers. At most times you can buy tickets at the activity itself. But to make sure you have tickets for your activity and skip the line, we have collected the most secure and established local and international partners to buy your tickets online.

Anne Frank House Tickets (30 days in front)

The house where the young Jewish girl Anne Frank wrote her famous book ‘’The Diary of a Young Girl’’ is such a popular attraction, that you need to make you reservation in time! Our advice is to buy at least 30 days in advance of your visit your tickets. For more information, visit the website of out trusted partner. Furthermore, at the ticket bar you can make you reservation and buy your voucher online.

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